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Meet Critternut

Jeannine with Jesse (left) and James (right)

Jeannine Everhart

Jeannine, who has extensive experience in software project management, software development, and business strategic planning, decided to start Critternut Services in 2001. Setting up shop in her beloved southwestern Virginia gave Jeannine the ability to be close to her family's homestead, next door to her alma mater of Virginia Tech, in the midst of fantastic old-time string band music, and nestled beside some of the nicest hiking trails in the Eastern US. A true animal lover, Jeannine is currently owned by two border collies (Jesse and James) and her Friesian horses, Coriander and Dahlia.

Dawn Eckert

Dawn, a specialist in photography and digital imaging, moved to southwestern Virginia from Washington DC so she could be in a photographer's paradise. Since joining Critternut in late 2002, Dawn has begun handling many of our Flash animation tasks as well as much of the Web maintenance. Many of our photos on this web site were taken and developed/processed by Dawn (look for "Photo by Critternut"). A native mid-westerner, Dawn has become a fan of the Blue Ridge mountains, and can often be found hiking in these hills. To identify her, just look for the woman with a camera bigger than a Winnebago.

Knowing that Dawn is an avid animal lover, the border collies Jesse and James have decided that Dawn can be part of their family, and tabby cats Quincy and Skye have agreed to let Dawn feed and house them.

Roger Gough

Roger, a southwestern Virginia native, spent many years in the Washington DC metro area as a software engineer and independent consultant before returning to Blacksburg in the 1990's. During part of his time in DC, Roger and Jeannine teamed together on large technical projects deployed across the US, becoming good friends and successful technical complements. In his career, Roger has perfomed top notch work in the world of Unix, Windows (web development, networks), data modeling and project consulting for both large and small entreprenurial firms. When Roger is not in front of his computer, working with clients, or configuring a Linux server, he can be found cycling through the Blue Ridge, playing the piano or hiking on the Appalachian Trail. During the rare times that Roger is a very good boy, his cats Bob and Spats allow him to sit on the living room furniture.


The staff at Tanbark Acres [would like] to thank you again for being our webmaster. You have more than fulfilled our expectations. Your work is excellent and you have monitored our site in the most professional way. We hope this will be a long and successful account for you.
- C.E., Owner of Tanbark Acres

I had the pleasure to work with [Critternut founder] Jeannine for almost two years through several implementation projects. At all times I found her to be both extrememely competent and professional. As a project manager she was able to see the big picture and identified the project choke points in enough time for remedies to be put into place. In my opinion, Jeannine's involvement was the single most critical factor in the delivery of our project on time. Even though Jeannine was often in a management role, her strong technical background enabled her to explain many complex issues clearly without resorting to techno-speak. Jeannine is one in a million of techies who can manage a technical project and be hands-on when necessary. In my experience, Jeannine has always done what was right, not merely what was required contractually.
- C.D., Senior Principal, Verisolv Technologies Inc.